Re: Be Wary: Hackers are Readying Security Updates for XP Users
Posted by Alan ... on 03. April 2014

On 03/04/2014 18:21, Bubba wrote:

You can bet that the scripted television "news" headlines are going
to pitch for Micro$oft using scare tactics to promote Windows 8x devices
and upgrades. These uber-corporations work absolutely in lockstep
with Big Brother, and Windows 8x is the line in the sand.

To date, I've not seen that much TV discussions about the implications
of the impending end of support for XP here in the UK. Where there has
been advice, it has been to see if your existing machine can be upgraded
- even the cheapest new PC system is still a big outlay for some households.

Tech gurus are emphasizing the importance of backing up all user files
on XP machines to portable storage media before the April 8th deadline,
and that people should backup their user files no matter what OS or
device they're using. But "cloud" storage? Not for me.

Well, I'm glad that message is getting out. It baffles me that PC makers
are quick to flog online backup solutions with new PCs that may or may
not be effective if the customer doesn't have a fast broadband
connection, but don't think to include an external hard disk as part of
a system package.

Over on the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup there's apt to be increased
discussion on what freeware programs can help to minimize security
risks on an XP machine connected to the Internet, e.g Firefox as the
default browser, hosts updates, disabling Java, and so forth. I would
imagine that Linux is going to get a lot more attention. I just wish
that Linux was more standardized and not divided into so many "flavors
of the month." Buying a new or used Windows 7 x64 machine or upgrade
might be another option. 500 million XP users are about to find out.

Those are all worthwhile measures, and in fact all users should consider
taking steps to minimise their potential security risk, including those
of us with Macs.