Re: Partition Manager 8, too old?
Posted by mm NO... on 25. September 2010

On Sat, 25 Sep 2010 16:58:24 -0400, Ron Gibson

On Fri, 24 Sep 2010 16:07:54 -0400, mm wrote:

Partition Manager 8, too old?

You mean Partition Magic or Drive Image?

Yeah, I meant Partition Magic. Sorry.

But I've got to learn a lot more about image software too.

In any event they are getting too old. I too used them from the 90's up
until a few weeks ago.

I knew this was coming as I'm still running IDE HD's and SATA requires a
different driver.

I've tried about every backup solution out there. Some were terribly
overrated like Acronis and they all are using a Linux tool known as parted
(gparted) to do the work but the earlier versions were too buggy.

Acronis True something Home has a feature to move an Image to another
computer. Something to do with the HAL level. I don't know how many
of them do that.

Finally I found one that is rock solid.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2010 Pro.

It is like Drive image and Partition Magic rolled into one package. It
comes with an ISO to create a boot CD for heavy duty work like disk
cloning or partition to partition copies. You can also set it up to do
numerous operations and go eat while it's busy.

I'm afraid to go eat. I fear when I get back there will metal pieces
and shards of monitor glass all over the room.

I just finished throwing every possible scenario I could think of testing
it and it passed with flying colors.

The only downside is that it writes info to boot records and partition
tables that Partition Magic and Drive Image can not handle so once you
make the change to Paragon there is no going back.

That's what my Soviet handler told me.

In my case I made an
extra copy of my hard drive so if I decided I didn't like it I could
switch back easily but I committed to the new Paragon and it works

It seems that Norton bought it (or all of PowerQuest?) and now they
don't even list it on the Norton page!!! It seems the latest version
is still version 8.

Just before they killed it they did released a half ass attempt and it was
awful. Might as well forget it because it's dead now thanx to Symantec,
the application killer.


Is it so old that I"d be better off with a current version of another
product, even maybe a free product.

Well GParted is free and is the engine that runs most of the other
software but it's not nearly as polished and feature rich as the Paragon
and other similar products are.

Right now on my 80 gig drive, I have to shrink a 50 GB partition to 35
gig. The top part is empty, so no data moving should be required. Then
I want to move the start point of the next partition, XP, down to where
the first part ends. Can PM8 handle this?

Depends on your hardware.

Well, even though I have images, I don't want ot have to use them, so
I decided not to try, and I used Easeus, which worked very well
shinking C: (I think. I haven't yet been back to win98 to check,
except that I boot from that partition (and then into the other one)
and my Agent and Eudora and download folder are in C:)

I was wrong about no data needing to be moved, since it did move data
according to its message line for about 5 minutes. It had done 82
percent of the process until it got to the moving data part. I don't
get that since I would have though moving data would be early on, but
otoh I don't know how they decide on percentages. Anyhow, that part
only took 5 minutes so there probably wasn't much to move.

I haven't enlarged the winXP partition yet, because I think I can do
that at the last? minute if necessary. I still have 3 empty gigs and
I'm watching how fast it fills up, and I'm thinking of finally making
a DATA-only partition out of the 16 gigs I vacated.