Re: DeLorme Earthmate
Posted by The R... on 14. October 2009

Jack Erbes wrote:

The Real Bev wrote:

Mark Olson wrote:

The Real Bev wrote:

Little yellow thing with a USB cable, came in a box of random cables.
Lights up when I plug it in, so I guess some part of it works. When I
tried to install it it demanded grmnusb.sys before it would proceed.

Can't find it at the Garmin site. Phoenix DriverAgent claims to have

Are these people reliable/useful? I know, free trial, but I hesitate
to download anything to the windows machine without knowing the company.

Just download the Garmin USB driver direct from Garmin.

That may be even simpler, thanks!

It might be. It would be a little strange that the Garmin drivers set
up the DeLorme hardware but I'm not one to argue about success.

When the hardware wizard finds that now, were you online? If so you can
tell it to use Windows Update and search for a driver and it might go
online and find the driver.

Heh. Shows how much I know about windows! The DeLorme software seems to
recognize the unit, but I don't know whether I can get a fix or not -- I don't
have a 20-foot USB extension cable :-(

The Garmin guy has gotten back to me a couple of times since I posted, which I
regard as excellent service and gives me reason to choose Garmin when I
actually NEED to buy a GPS unit. Anyway, he says Garmin didn't make it,
DeLorme did. Hey, it's YELLOW!

Just for curious, has anybody got something like this working with a linux
laptop? That's its ultimate destination, assuming it's possible. After all, I
already KNOW where my windows machine is :-)

Cheers, Bev
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