Re: Issue when installing XP via OEM disc
Posted by Taste... on 30. June 2009

On Tue, 30 Jun 2009 06:58:31 -0400, Pastor Dave

On Mon, 29 Jun 2009 06:03:30 -0700, TastesLikeChicken
spake thusly:

Btw, I ran across this page and thought you might
find it interesting. :)

The mobo in question is Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe, BIOS 1013.

I looked at the manual and you're right, there are
no options to set the SATA mode. It's done via a
utility on disc. It probably came with the MB's CD.

Booting off the SATA is no problem, although you may be right that
their idea for SATA on this mobo was strictly for RAID. With the RADI
and SCSI drivers added, I just select SCSI as the first boot device
and the SATA drive boots fine. I do have an IDE (as a secondary
drive/no OS). Of course if the OS was on it I could boot off of it
selecting IDE as the boot device. Not practical now as the IDE has
100GB of my back up files on it, the SATA is a clean drive, which I
intended to use for the OS.

Being an older board I question whether Asus cares about this, it's
probably not worth my effort to ask them (and the technical page seems
to even want the mobo serial number, something which I'd have to
examine on the board itself, and probably not very visible will all
the cables and cards in the way).

As I mentioned, with Win2K it loads the F6 request for RAID and SCSI
controllers just fine,, asking for the floppies at the beginning,
letting me choose which file I want (although the drivers are all the
same 2K or XP), then as the OS begins to load it asks for the floppies
again, at which point those files are actually loaded. That's what XP
wasn't doing, asking for the files at that point. I have a set of XP
boot floppies, I wonder if I used those if it would get the files? I
would experiment with a spare SATA drive if I get the time.

Meanwhile, I have XP Pro running on the SATA and booting fine, it's
just been a difficult method to get it running.

Thanks for your comments, I'll read that link as soon as I can.