Re: Issue when installing XP via OEM disc
Posted by Pasto... on 29. June 2009

On Sun, 28 Jun 2009 20:51:20 -0700, TastesLikeChicken
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On Sun, 28 Jun 2009 17:44:10 -0700, Steve Urbach

As for making it a boot device, that has never been a problem. While
on the SATA/RAID controller, it will boot if I select SCSI as the
primary boot device. Thanks for your comments, however.
You do have the latest BIOS version?
and you are not unlucky to be using certain Seagate models :/?

OTOH review of Asustek hints a really early Version of SATA with missing,
modern options :/
There was a Linux driver listed.. SATA = PITA on older HW :^)

I've got the most recent BIOS according to the ASUS site; nothing
released since 1013. Really, it's a great mobo, nothing to complain
about. As the other poster commented with SCSI as my method of getting
it as a boot device, possibly no way to emulate IDE....? (The drive is
WD btw, not Seagate)

Okay, I can probably help you out here,
but can you answer the other question
I had for you, please? Is it possible that
when you put the floppy disk in, that the
drivers were buried in a subfolder and
that's why Windows didn't see them?

Also, what exact motherboard do you have?
I can probably look up the CMOS settings
for you.

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