Re: Damn Poor Imagination?
Posted by Orr o... on 14. July 2009

On Jul 14, 7:49=A0am, BuffetHater wrote:

Guess what? =A0 =A0BXI.TO is again charging to new highs, =A0i expected a=
this and yet i liquidated 1/2 of my holdings to decrease the risk
aspect. . .
it is a penny stock. . . . at a time the world is craving risk !!!

BXI.TO just hit $1.12 canadian, it was about a buck when i touted it
to you
and at .54 when i suggested it here.
It is also running higher on stronger volume, always a good sign (it
Canola protein in a low temp technology).
When i bought this it was on the concept that food and tech seemed to
be in
favor, as did low cost, low quality stocks.

As for the Russian part, our people originated 3 generations back from
Kiev area
via Israel (then known as british mandate palestine). =A0 Stalin was an
equal opp murderer & terrorist to foreign and his own.
Would love to visit in =A0russia. =A0 Go, make many roubles and save the
buffet, find me a 19 year old russian mail order bride with under a
100,000 kms on her
instead. =A0LOL,

Russian women are amongst the most beautiful and resourceful on earth,
treasure more valued than any stock or riches.

As to Stalin, the whole my enough long already life i did not know who
really Stalin was, the hero, visionary or brutal murderer. I do not
care about what others think. If i am retard as you can see above,
many others often are not any better

BTW as to Kondratieff's waves mentioned above, Kondratieff himself was
murdered in Gulag. By commies, or Stalin, if you like. I do not know
really why. Feel sorry for him. But Stalin usually did not touch
scientists. Physicist and engineers for example were OK there that i
know for sure.

Of course Stalin correctly predicted that he will be brutally murdered
if power in USSR overturn. And that was one reason to kill potential
opposition. Do hidden opposition existed? I believe so. Imagine you
have Bush for 3d turn. So after 8 years in 1932-33 he knew people
around his cyrcle are tired of him. Initially in 1918-1922 communists
did not kill important or prominent people, they usually kicked them
abroad. Then when no one is left they started to kick some to Siberia
(1928-1930). Here comes Hitler in 1933. Then step by step they killed
one, hundreds, thousands and so on. Think why.

Look, can you name anyone you know who was capable to compete with
such determined schiso like Hitler was ? Anyone who is larger killer
then Hitler himself?

Imagine USSR president is Roosevelt or Truman?
Or Churchhill? may be Tony Blair?

Or russians Khruschev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, Gorbachev,

Or anyone you know right now in any place, just look around the
world ? You will find that all of them are just buraucrats. They
compete for power, they like power but they are just dumb buraucrats.
As usually one smart person among 1000 shitty bureaucrats. Same like
in real life. Specifically in Russia. Yeltsin had approval rate 3% and
still he won his second term!!!

You will not find anyone who would win this war but Stalin. Period.
Think 5 more minuttes before i will conclude "End of story".

I just imagined great "democrats" trolls Khruschev or Gorbachev
instead of Stalin. We would lose the war in one week. Ask Putin and
Medvedev after Chechnya and Georgia wars yourselves, what they think,
they are alive and still did not show their full potential.

So unless you think that "Deutchland is uber alles" all we must
literally kiss Stalin ass even if do not like him.