Re: Weird startup probem
Posted by Steve... on 25. August 2009

On 25 Aug 2009 18:54:20 GMT, Your name wrote:

Or non start up, as the case may be.

It is stuck on the screen which gives you the choices of start with safe
more, safe mode with network support, last known good configuration or
Whichever option you chose, it will start booting with the windows screen,
then loop right back to that screen.
Safe mode goes through the motions of loading up, but it too loops right
I am able to access the BIOS screen, but thats about it.

I wanted to run chkdsk, but she has no windows CD.

So what do you guys think is causing this gaffe ,,, And do you think a dell
cd [mine] would boot up in her system ?
Download a Ubuntu Live CD ISO (Always Free)
It is bootable all the way into the GUI
You can even navigate your Windows Partitions
which should prove out most of the hardware.