Re: What is the purpose of Windows EFS encryption?
Posted by denni... on 20. May 2008

"Cork Soaker" wrote
Ubuntu ignores the encryption altogether and can
read every file.

What is the point in encrypting a hard drive if you all you have to do is
put it in another machine to read it?

What a POS!

Read the manual so you understand what its there for and you won't sound
like a raving nut.

If you want a secure disk that you can lose you are using the wrong file
system as it keeps the keys on the disk and doesn't prompt you for them each

LVM encryption, I assume, won't be so ridiculously simple to break?

If it keeps the keys on the disk it will be as strong as your password and
no stronger.
If it doesn't keep the keys on the system it will be more difficult to use,
take your pick.
I suggest you use 2048 bit encryption and enter they key manually each time
as it will give you time to think.