Re: Applications very slow to open
Posted by Looko... on 14. April 2008

On Mon, 14 Apr 2008 21:26:29 GMT, Brian Matthews

On Mon, 14 Apr 2008 22:08:16 +0200, "John of Aix"

[email protected] wrote:

Running xp pro. Takes about 8-10 min to boot.

Ouch. Mine takes about 45 seconds to load. 2.4 GHz, 1 giga memory

When I start to open a
new program, the hard drive runs and the program is very slow to
start. It is almost like the computer is going to do something else
before it will let my program start. Have checked for viruses,
spyware, etc. Running task manager at same time does not show any
other new programs starting. Don't see any strange processes going at
the same time.

I suppose you've cleaned out all the unnecessary stuff, temp files, done
a defrag etc and even if you haven't, it shouldn't take that long. There
is definitely something takling up all the resources in the background.
What does task manager say, isn't there something (under the Processes
section) taking up about 95%? You wouldn't have an Acer portable by any
chance would you? If so get rid of ALL the Acer stuff, absoluitely
useless and unnecessary. Probably much the same for any brand that wants
to run a special Windows of its own, Sony, Packard Bell etc.

Wow. Packard Bell. That brings back some memories, my first PC was
one. I thought they went out of business, but I guess only in the U.S.


Years ago when I used to help friends with their computers I learned
NOT to touch a Packard Bell.