Re: My Computer -> Details View -> Comments field
Posted by Synap... on 29. October 2007

On Mon, 29 Oct 2007 23:17:21 -0500, Synapse Syndrome wrote:

This is regrading my Windows 2003 Server, but I am sure it is the same
in XP..

In My Computer, in Details view, which I always use on the server, I
have comments on some of the drives/partitions.

Now that I have changed some of the contents of these drives/partitions,
I want to change or remove these details.

I have no idea how I put them there in the first place. The comments
are not within contained desktop.ini files, like I suspected, and they
cannot be accessed in the Properties of the drive.

Does anyone know where the comments reside?

OK, this is weird. The comments have now disappeared from the drive I
have been trying to change. The only thing I think I did was delete a
contained desktop.ini file, which did not seem to actually contain the
comment. And after restoring the desktop.ini file from the Recycle Bin,
the comment has not reappeared, so I am seriously confused now.

Any ideas?