File and Settings transfer Wizard (FAST)
Posted by Phiz ... on 12. February 2007


Yesterday I posted on an ng asking the best way to cut from my existing pc
to a new one which I get on wednesday - in particular my cable internet
connection. I now know that is pretty straightforward

A poster on the ng then told me about FAST and it seems to be the easy way
of doing it .... but the more I look I realise the more there is to it -
particularly for systems with multiple account like ours with 4 user
accounts. I'm using XP home on the current one and XP media is on the new

I read somewhere that the best way to deal with FAST when there are multiple
accounts is to log on as administrator (in safe mode?) and either have all
the accounts 'logged on' or do a 'global' FAST.

Anybody any experience of doing FAST with multiple accounts and the best way
of dealing with it.

Your advice appreciated.

Phiz UK