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Posted by Damia... on 28. September 2006

Kadaitcha Man wrote:

Grand Moff Robert Buchanan , the
two-chambered dog-whipper, reviled:

I will now respond to a post accessible as

Dustin Cook wrote:

Kluck wrote:

On Wed, 27 Sep 2006 17:18:01 -0400, Rhonda Lea Kirk wrote:

I do all kinds of programming. I'm not the ignorant pissant you
wish I was. and your fixing to learn that, albeit the hard way.

You're enough of an ignorant pissant to continually substiture
"your" for "you're".


In your vein attempt to attack me, you mispelled substitute, numb
nuts. :)

He's not a vampire, you dunce.


He made a typo, you're a fucking illiterate. See the difference?

Of course not.

Kshit didn't seem to notice.. :)

KMonster has better things to do than waste a post on a typo lame.

We need to make a chart of who owns how much of Duhstin. Mimus and
KM seem to have majority shares.

As original uncoverer of the dustfart k0oK, I retain drilling rights
on his head if stupidity ever goes over .000002 cents a metric tonne.

That could make you a pretty wealthy man.

Other than that, he's yours to enjoy.