Re: Windows XP Fundamentals
Posted by trans... on 30. November 2006

Ah Ha... Windows 2000... That might be an option to consider rather
than Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs... I think I might give it a
try before I dump the whole system overboard!

Thanks for the advice,


AnonyMouse a =E9crit :

[email protected] wrote:

Hi, I am currently running a 400 MHz Pentium with 192 Mb RAM and 10 Gb
disk, under Windows XP PRO. I must say it is rather (very) sluggish. So

I am considering Windows XP Fundamentals for Legacy PCs... Anyone got
hands-on experience about what I can expect in terms of improved
performance? Thanks, Patrick.

I have tried setting up a Windows Fundamentals virtual machine in
Virtual PC...I set it up with only 96 MB of RAM to simulate an older
machine. But from what I can tell, Windows Fundamentals shouldn't make
much of a difference in your system; it all depends on how many programs
you run at a time. Windows Fundamentals simply doesn't come with as many
Windows components.

I would have to recommend using Windows 2000 for your older machine if
you find XP tell you the truth, your system specs sound
kind of lousy for XP.