Re: Print Screen problems
Posted by Voini... on 14. May 2006

Okay, if this is so, why does Diablo (which doesn't go through the
clipboard) have this problem?

f/fgeorge wrote:

Windows XP no longer has the capability that the older versions had in
this regard.
There are several after-market add-ons...SnagIt is the one I use.

On Sun, 14 May 2006 14:04:12 -0700, Voinin wrote:

It seems my PrtScr key is not working. Hitting Alt-PrtScr and
Ctrl-PrtScr does not paste the screen or window into the clipboard. I
am able to copy and paste text just fine, so at least that aspect of the
clipboard is working properly. I also play Diablo II and if you hit the
PrtScr key in the game, it's supposed to save a copy of the screen to a
JPG file into the folder where the game was installed. This, too, fails
to work.

I see several scenarios:

My keyboard isn't working properly. I don't have any software to see
what scan codes the keyboard is sending, so I don't know if the key is
the problem or if it's the OS. FWIW, I'm using a Microsoft wireless
natural multimedia keyboard. Every other key seems to be working
properly. Battery level is good and signal quality is high. I'm using
Intellitype 5.5.

The OS may either not be working properly in this regard. I searched
MS's knowledge base and could find no reference to such a problem. I'm
using XP Pro SP2 with the latest updates.

The OS is being blocked from seeing the PrtScr scan code through some
program trapping keystrokes. This seems to be the more logical culprit,
yet I'm unsure as to where to start looking for this.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can render.

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