Re: Windows xp or any MS product
Posted by Camel... on 10. March 2006

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"Junius" wrote

| As bad as it was, IMO 3.11 is better than XP. Maybe in another 20 years
| will put out an OS that isn't crap.
| You can choose not to post this to the group - I don't care.
| My fervent desire is for someone to just beat Bill Gates ass.
| I hate the SOB with every fiber of my being
| I would pay just to see Bill Gates stripped of every nickel and living in
| sewer for the crap he has inflicted on people.
| It's my rant and it based on real life bad experiences with MS crap over
| past 20 years.

If Microsoft is the cause of your "real life bad experiences" you seriously
need to review your situation.