Re: Explorer won't work with some graphic files in a folder
Posted by nos1e... on 19. January 2006

It is further alleged that on or about Thu, 19 Jan 2006 10:07:07
-0800, in, the queezy keyboard of "Roy L.
Fuchs" spewed the following:

|Dan Fox wrote:
|> hello-
|> this has happened several times. when i create graphics and save them
|> to a folder, explorer acts as though the folder is corrupt and closes
|> when i try to open it, either directly, or by accessing a graphic in
|> that folder from various applications. only graphic files, that don't
|> seem to be corrupt otherwise. any ideas?
|> using xp pro on a dell pc, sp2 installed.
|This is in your headers, "X-No-Archive: yes"
|What are you trying to hide?

Shhhhhhh. You're blowing it, dude. They'll know something is up.