Re: Computer cannot find modem
Posted by relic... on 17. May 2005

Arthur wrote:

Julie P. [email protected], wrote
[email protected]:

"Kadaitcha Man" wrote

Julie P., , the oozing, tricked-out clod,
and window
cleaner, revealed:

The user guide was also pretty helpless, mentioning stuff about IRQ
steering, which does not seem to apply to my Dell, since whatever
they said I should find about IRQ was not there. They also said try
another PCI slot, which I am not going to do since I am not going
to start playing games because of their incompetence.

The incompetence is all yours, you fucked in the head, long-winded,
whiny trollop. Believe it or not, when Dell told you to try another
slot, they gave you good advice.

First of all, it wasn't Dell, but Sterling.

pedantry - the sign of extremely weak argument.

Second of all, that's

"If this slot doesn't work, try the next. And if that doesn't work,
then try the next. [etc.]"

Yeah right. That's real good. Really high-tech way of finding out the
problem. What good are all those slots if half of them don't work??

[I know--someone here said not to reply to trolls--but I had to
correct some misinformation.]

I love that part. She thinks good information is misinformation. No
wonder she can't fix anything.

It isn't misinformation, you fucked up, stupid, old moll. You already
indicated that you didn't have the half brain cell required to find
out where your IRQ's were steered to. Moving the card through the
slots allows you to find a slot that is not shared with on-board
devices and does away with the need to check the BIOS IRQ assignments
to find those shared slots, which you don't have the fucking brains
to do anyway, remember?

I hope the fucking thing blows up on you.

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