Re: gracenote
Posted by sbb78... on 03. June 2005

Kadaitcha Man wrote:

sbb78247, , the sarcastic,
burned-out toilet cleaner, and street vendor, intoned:

Kadaitcha Man wrote:

sbb78247, , the inhuman,
irrefutable waitress, and supplier or maker of clothing and
equipment for drag queens, squeaked:

Kadaitcha Man wrote:

sbb78247, , the impotent,
mutant nancy boy, and attendant of the kept woman, harassed:

Mary Quinton wrote:

On Fri, 03 Jun 2005 07:51:10 -0500, sbb78247 wrote:

Mary Quinton wrote:

On Thu, 02 Jun 2005 21:49:31 -0500, sbb78247 wrote:

so many jackasses, so little ammo

Save the first one for yourself.

already chambered the .50 and its pointed in your direction
over there----->

Yoo-hoo, fuckface! Over here <---------------------------

now go to step #1 which was go fuck yourself
step #2 - repeat step 1

You first. It will be your first time, right?

Ladies first

Why bother? I already shot the fuckwit down in flames. It's daed.

sorry about that - but might as well kick it while it's down

There's a trail of them behind me.

kind of like a good old fashioned west texas donkey stomp!

I was going to try that before I discovered that it is illegal in
Texas to curse in front of or indecently expose yourself to a corpse.

there are a few odd laws on the books - but also a lot were written back in
the 1800s so if you look at it in that time frame, it almost, and i mean

almost makes sense.


Speak the truth and leave shortly there after.