Re: Suspected memory problem. Need a fix.
Posted by Rob H... on 08. December 2005

list goes on and on.

Can anybody think of any reason for this? I'm running Windows XP Pro
SP2. I've run registry cleaners, scanned for viruses and spyware and
I'm clean. I've also switched memory modules from ocz to corsair with
no luck. I have 2 512 dual channel memory modules with another 1gb
stick to equal 2gb ram.

The only way I can get rid of the problem is closing out some programs
or rebooting, yet it always comes back.

I suggest you run memtest86+ (freeware) from
which will give just about as conclusive evidence of a memory
fault as is possible. It runs from a boot floppy/CD, so no interference
from the OS. It's best to run it overnight, or for at least a couple
of hours. If it finds errors, run it with each module on it's own
until you find the offending one. If no errors, then you may be
looking at an application that's using memory but not releasing it
or similar. have some excellent free utilities
to help track-down software problems of that kind.