Re: How do I get my old boot method back?
Posted by jonah... on 24. April 2005

On Sat, 23 Apr 2005 20:58:23 -0500, Voice of freedom

jonah wrote :

On Sat, 23 Apr 2005 17:20:15 -0500, Voice of freedom

I was getting messages when using Symantec Win Doctor that
said that mscoree.dll couldn't be found, so I looked it up at
Microsoft support and it said that I should install some of
their software to fix it. I did. Now that message is gone, but
when I boot, it no longer boots all the way like it used to.
Now it boots to a button with my name on it and I have to
click that button to finish booting. I didn't ask for their
software to reconfigure my computer booting.

I tried solving it in the control panel users settings but
can't get it fixed now. I'm the ONLY one who uses my computer
and JUST want it to boot all the way when I turn it on,
without having to click my name to get it to finish.

mscoree.dll is associated Microsoft .NET framework which is
what you no doubt downloaded and installed in the belief you
need it.

Norton Windoctor picks it up as a "missing" file, and reports
as such, the help eventually leads to you downloading and
installing MS .NET framework.

Yes, that was it.

MS .NET framework is being used more and more to aid software
writers, It does a lot of things some considered undesirable
but it is supposedly benign and MS is pushing it. There are
lots of opinions on .NET both for and against, I know enough
to be dubious (maybe falsely) but I don't care I don't want it
on my machines.

So how do I remove it without that problem?

Your logon issue arose because one of the features of MS .NET
Framework is that it installs a hidden admin account on XP for
all sorts of reasons there is tons of info on google. This
admin account remains hidden when you log in but because XP
now has 2 admin accounts it wants you to log into one of them
and gives you the log in box thus changing your boot up

Personally I would not be happy having a hidden admin account
controled by various apps on my machine auto logging me in to
various things such as windows messenger amongst others.

Me neither but they bamboozled me. :)

Some apps need .NET to work, Hewlett Packard Full Drivers
install .NET without asking these days and a well known app
that uses .NET is Norton Ghost 9.

Ahah. I have that too, that was probably why Norton hassled me
with it.

Don.t use Ghost 9 - uninstall it. Acronis True Image does not need
.NET - use that instead.

Go to Hewlett Packard Site and find support pages for your printer.
Look for drivers and you should see the full version & a "Scan &
Print" only driver which will be a round 25 - 30% of the full thing.
This driver does not need .NET it does not install all the HP Photo

You can work round your log in problem as riddick says but I
would uninstall .NET framework unless you really need it and
avoid using apps that require .NET as long as you possibly

I'd love to, but how do I uninstall it now, and get these
programs to stop hassling me about it?

You should be able to find .NET in your normal Start > Control Panel >
Add Remove Programs. Just un-install it.