Re: Windows Update Error Message
Posted by Judas... on 28. October 2004

[email protected] wrote:

I get an error message [Error number: 0x80244001] when I try to run
Windows update. I am running XP SP2 Home on an AMD 64 3000+ desktop.
I have automatic update enabled. Any ideas why I get the error

From the update web page help and support:

When searching for available updates on the Windows Update site, you see the
0x80244001 error

Problem description

This error may occur if the MSXML3.dll is missing or not properly

Applicable operating systems

a.. Windows XP

b.. Windows Server 2003

1. Register MSXML3.dll
1.. Click Start.
2.. Choose Run.
3.. In the Run box, type regsvr32 MSXML3.dll.
4.. Click OK.