dump 0-K ?
Posted by DocRo... on 21. June 2004


I had this once before, but forget what is was.

Recently reformatted so it was gone. The other day, a messsage appeared if I
wanted to send a report to Microsoft. I look in msconfig, startup & there it
is again:

dump 0-K %system%\system32\dump0-K

I uncheked it. When it is checked it appears on HKLM Microsoft/current
version/run as a Kernal (something or other).

Also a file called Minidump was created in

Now, this file was created on the 16th. When I tutrned the PC on the 17th no
mesg appeard. The next day, the 18th is when I got the send to Microsoft
Weird that it took 2 days before the msg appeared.

Anyway that's the story.
It is unchecked, so does not show up in the registry.
So, should I check it, ir will show up in the registry & then delete that
Kernal key?

Any help apprecaited.