Re: Spellchecker Problem XP-home
Posted by Mike ... on 15. July 2004

"Cute Neko Kaydee" wrote

I have XP home edition. I installed it on the full install over old ME os.
After installing XP my Outlook Express 6 spell checker doesn't work. It
before the install when I used ME, but when I go to 'options' there isn't
anywhere to check a box for auto spell check before sending, or even for
spell check at all. The option is on the message when I write them, but it
won't hi-light to use. Pressing F7 won't bring it up.

Anybody know the trick to reinstalling or reactivating the spell checker?



Never mind now. I was looking around and found the solution here too. Thanks for trying to help me

Thanks for your information on spell checker been looking for spell checker for years
and it works well
Regards , John Hodson

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