Re: The Infamous Iraqi Bio-Chemical Labs In Truck Trailers (Was: Re: 1916 Campaign Flashback)
Posted by Lord ... on 15. April 2004

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You should be aware by now that Colin Powell has admitted his claim
as to these facilities made on February 5, 2003 was apparently
founded on BAD intelligence.

  • Iraqi defectors had been saying for years that Saddam's regime
    trained "non-Iraqi Arab terrorists" at a camp in Salman Pak, south of
    Baghdad. U.N. inspectors had confirmed the camp's existence, including
    the presence of a Boeing 707. Defectors say the plane was used to
    train hijackers; the Iraqi regime said it was used in counterterrorism
    training. Sabah Khodada, a captain in the Iraqi Army, worked at Salman
    Pak. In October 2001, he told PBS's "Frontline" about what went on
    there. "Training is majorly on terrorism. They would be trained on
    assassinations, kidnapping, hijacking of airplanes, hijacking of
    buses, public buses, hijacking of trains and all other kinds of
    operations related to terrorism. . . . All this training is directly
    toward attacking American targets, and American interests."

Salman Pak, located 30-40 km SE of Baghdad, engaged in laboratory
scale research on Anthrax, Botulinum toxin, Clostridium, perfringens
(gas gangrene), mycotoxins, aflatoxins, and Ricin. Researchers at this
site carried out toxicity evaluations of these agents and examined
their growth characteristics and survivability.

Equipment-moving trucks and refrigerated trucks were observed at the
Salman Pak BW facility prior to the onset of bombing, suggesting that
Iraq was moving equipment or material into or out of the facility.
Information obtained after the conflict revealed that Iraq had moved
BW agent production equipment from Salman Pak to the Al Hakam suspect
BW facility.

The Qadisiya State Establishment [aka Al-Qadsia], involved in the
program to produce Al Hussein class missiles, is apparently located
nearby, along with the Al-Yarmouk facility which according to some
reports was associated with the chemical munitions program [and which
other reports place at Yusufiyah.

Iraq told UN inspectors that Salman Pak was an anti-terror training
camp for Iraqi special forces. However, two defectors from Iraqi
intelligence stated that they had worked for several years at the
secret Iraqi government camp, which had trained Islamic terrorists in
rotations of five or six months since 1995. Training activities
including simulated hijackings carried out in an airplane fuselage
[said to be a Boeing 707] at the camp. The camp is divided into
distinct sections. On one side of the camp young, Iraqis who were
members of Fedayeen Saddam are trained in espionage, assassination
techniques and sabotage. The Islamic militants trained on the other
side of the camp, in an area separated by a small lake, trees and
barbed wire. The militants reportedly spent time training, usually in
groups of five or six, around the fuselage of the airplane.

Rush Limbaugh released high-resolution satellite imagery today, on his
website, of Iraq’s Salman Park terrorist training center.
This facility, which photographs show houses a full-scale jet
fuselage, is used to train terrorists how to hijack civilian
airliners, buses and trains, as well as assassination and kidnapping.
Reports by defectors, including Sabah Khodada, who served as an
administrator at the facility for six months, indicate that “this camp
is specialized in exporting terrorism to the whole world.”

Not only did Iraq provide the training necessary to take control of
airliners during flight, but some terrorists “were taken and trained
to drive airplanes at the School of Aviation, north of Baghdad.”

Khodada concludes that Iraq had a hand in training some of the
September 11 hijackers, arguing that “these kind of attacks must be,
and have to be, organized by a capable state, such as Iraq.”

About 20 minutes before show time, we posted satellite imagery of
Salman Pak - home of the terrorist training center in Iraq we've been
telling you about. I want to thank Gary Napier and his whole staff
from Space Imaging, Inc. for these images from their IKONOS satellite.
It's not in geo synchronous orbit, so they can move it to map, measure
and monitor anywhere on earth.

The third of the three shots zeros in on what looks like a Boeing 727
fuselage to me. Everyone says it's a 707, but its wings would be
farther forward if that were the case. So it's probably a 727, or at
least a tri-jet. One of the stories I read this week and put into
Rush's Saddam Stack of Stuff in researching all this, cited Aviation
Week and Space Technology's article on this facility. This confirms
the existence of that fuselage; it's right where the Iraqi defectors
said it was.

And they trained people to hijack airplanes?


For what purpose?

... It has been said openly in the media and even to us, from the
highest command, that the purpose of establishing Saddam's fighters is
to attack American targets and American interests. This is known.
There's no doubt about it.

All this training is directed towards attacking American targets, and
American interests. The training does not only include hijacking of
planes and sabotage. ... Some other people were trained to do
parachuting. Some other areas were training on how to penetrate enemy
lines and get information from behind enemy lines. But it's all for
the general concept of hitting and attacking American targets and
American interests.

Who controlled this operation?

In terms of training, they will train in this special camp. But after
this training, they will go in small groups. These small groups are
directly connected with Saddam, or to Saddam's son. For example, the
Iraqi fighters, they will be spread all over the country. Occasionally
those individual groups, very small groups, will be called for. They
might encounter different kind of special training beyond this
training on specific things. I'll give you an example. They were
calling for some of these groups to train intensively to learn English
language, Persian language, Hebrew language, to be sent out to
different places of the world to conduct such kind of ... different
kind of operations. I suspect that the higher level of training, or
the additional training they encounter, has a lot to do with what
happened. And there's a lot of similarity with what happened with New
York and Washington on September 11.

That was your reaction on September 11 -- that some of these people
might be involved?

I assure you, this operation was conducted by people who were trained
by Saddam. And I'm going to keep assuring the world this is what